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Cronus Device

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The Original Cronus Crossover Gaming DeviceCronus X Modded Controller Device
The Cronus device let's you use your favorite controller on Playstation 3, XBox360* and Windows PC. Whether you prefer using a PS3 controller,
Xbox 360 controller, Wii-mote, or keyboard and mouse, the Cronus adapter has got your covered. This innovative new converter is the first of its
kind. And with our Cronus X device you can enjoy the crossover functionality of Cronus AND add any of your favorite mods to your gameplay
without the need to open your controller or install any kind of chip. The Cronus X turns your regular Xbox or PS3 controller into a fully modded
controller with NO INSTALLATION NECESSARY. Just plug it in and you are ready to go!
Cronus Device
Cronus X Modded Controller Device
Cronus Upgrade